Your holiday home is adjacent to Sefapane Lodge. For further entertainment, and personal care, well-equipped facilities are within minutes walk.
While surrounded by the tropical beauty of nature, you can pay a visit to one of the two outdoor pools, a la carte restaurant, or professional health and beauty spa. Keep your eyes open for a surprise. A potbelly piglet or a monkey swinging just might pass you by!

Swimming pools

Enjoy a drink at the sunken pool bar! For this you do not need to go in the water. The cool on the deck chairs under swaying palm trees is a good rest after a day full of adventure safaris.


The friendly Sefapane staff gives you a warm welcome in an original setting, where African and Western dishes come together. Get a drink at the sunken bar, while the staff at the adjacent restaurant prepares a culinary feast.

Spa & Beautycenter

In Misava Spa, which means Earth in the local Tsonga language, wait a nurturing, holistic beauty and body treatment with natural, indigenous products. You can also have a manicure or pedicure to show off in your summer sandals!


Tired of restaurants? Feel like a night in? No problem. Literally on the corner, outside the gates of the estate, you will find a well equipped supermarket with a wide range of foods for your kitchen. You can go hiking or ask one of the staff by car for transport.

About Sefapane Lodges & Safaris

The name "Sefapane" means Southern Cross in the local language. This small but striking constellation is an attraction for travelers to the south. It does honor to its namesake, as Sefapane Lodge is full of activities for all ages. Even great for weddings because marriage arrangements are tailor made for you.While you can use your own car to visit the Kruger National Park, it is advisable to initially join one of the many organized safaris. This can be by foot in the early morning dew with experienced guides, by jeep on the plains during morning, day, or evening safari, or even with a cooling drink in one hand and a binocular in the other, experience a river safari by boat on the Olifants River between hippos and crocodiles,.
How about an evening safari adventure with a braai (barbecue) in the middle of the wilderness? Nothing is more exciting than a bite to eat in the middle of the bush, with all the senses of the wild, while armed rangers stand guard for you.

Sefapane Lodge offers the ultimate combination of flora and fauna. Encounters with wild animals in the bush.

Discover the rich African cultural heritage.
In addition, the Sefapane team is rightly proud to be involved in local developments. The Sefapane-Fund was created to ensure that projects in the local community there benefit directly. They educate you on the projects and if you are interested take you to one of them, allowing you to see with your own eyes!