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Frequently Asked Questions

The seasonWhat is the weather like?
s are opposite to those of Europe. The Limpopo province has a subtropical climate with warm and sunny days and cool nights. Precipitation falls mainly in summer (November to March), and ranges from 500-900 mm per year. The average annual temperature is 18C. The maximum temperature in summer is almost never above 34 °C, and up to 38 ° C. in the far north.

How are the people?
Both black and white people are friendly and most prosperous. South Africans are easy to approach. Historical black and white lived separately, but that is changing rapidly.

How is the infrastructure?
The roads are good, traffic is low. With the presence of the copper mine, Phalaborwa is relatively very wealthy. The city has well-equipped shops for every budget. The healthcare is good. If a physician is required, this can best be controlled through the desk of Sefapane lodge. There are several good pharmacies.

Is it safe?
In the five years that Iived in this house, I have never felt unsafe or had any reason to feel so. In order for the guests to feel safe and to keep private, the whole estate is fenced. During the late evening and night, a security guard makes his rounds on the estate grounds. The various entrances are closed by remote operate fences, for which you will receive a remote opener when for the first time you report at the reception.

Is it dangerous to play golf among the wild animals?
No, it's not, but use your common sense and keep your distance. For me it always gives that little bit extra to see a group of springbok in the distance on the course, or like last year a couple of giraffes with young. That you will find nowhere else in the world!