Located in the north-east of South Africa, in the Limpopo Province. The area inspires by stunning views and vistas. An area where mystical Africa takes your breath away. Legends tell of respect for the ancient culture in relation to the cradle of mankind.

Getting there

South Africa is ideally suited to get around in a rental car. The roads are modern, and well kept. A car can be rented at every airport with a valid driver's license (international license is not required).


Phalaborwa's mine is an open hole dug by people of almost 2000 meters wide and clearly visible from the air. Originally a mining town, tourism and nature is gradually playing a more dominant role. It is the only city in South Africa bordering the Kruger National Park. Just two hours drive to the Mozambique border.

A day of shopping? Then Phalaborwa is your city!

Kruger Park

The entrance to the Kruger National Park is near your house. The largest South African animal reserve is home to a variety of animals. Discover the wonderful world of nature, and experience the unforgettable big five!