Getting there

Your vacation home is easily accessible by car and by plane. The local airport is only a 10 minute drive away and has two daily flights to and from Johannesburg. Sefapane staff will pick you up and bring you back in time.

By plane

SA Airlink offers daily direct flights from Johannesburg to Phalaborwa in just 1 hour. You arrive at the Kruger Park Gateway Airport.


Johannesburg to Phalaborwa                             

Mo-fri + Sat      10.40 - 11.50

Mo-fri + Sun     16.35 - 17.45

Phalaborwa to Johannesburg

Mo-fri+Sat.       12.10 - 13.30                                                    

Mo-fri+Sun.      18.05 - 19.25

Flight times are subject to change. Check the time when booking. For more information on these and other flights of SA Airlink, Click:

SA Express offers flights from Johannesburg to Hoedspruit and Cape Town to Hoedspruit. Hoedspruit Eastgate Airport is 75 km from Sefapane Lodgre + Safaris.

By car

Phalaborwa is about 5 hours drive from Johannesburg. Several routes are possible.

N1 via Pietersburg, Magoebaskloof en Tzaneen

N4 via Lydenburg en Panaroma Route


Johannesburg-Phalaborwa via Pietersburg        500 km
Johannesburg-Phalaborwa via Lydenburg          550 km
Sabie naar Phalaborwa                                   200 km
Tzaneen naar Phalaborwa                               120 km
Hoedspruit naar Phalaborwa                             75 km


AVIS Car rental

Contact Avis Johannesburg for special rental rates. Or start your dream holiday in South Africa with a flight to Phalaborwa and have your car delivered to Holiday Home South Africa.

Information and tips


If you need to change money at the Johannesburg airport, do not use the usual money exchange counters, but instead use the ATM cash machine. Your foreign credit card can be used anywhere in South Africa, and most importantly, you will get the most favorable exchange rate!

Driving in South Africa

Arriving by car from Johannesburg, you need to remember to stay on the left side of the road. On the higway the speed limit is generally 120 km/hour. The speedlimit is always indicated. Do not speed, the controls are strict. This applies equally to the toll roads. Provide for a electronic route planner, or rent one with your car. The route is not complicated but with driving on the left side in a foreign country, it is nice to get easy directions. In addition ask for a roadmap at the counter of the car rental.