Kruger Park

The park was established in 1898 and named after Paul Kruger, president of an independent state in southern Africa, later the Transvaal province.

He fought for conservation and continued as an extraordinary visionary for that time literally putting the Kruger National park on the map. Kruger made sure that this part of South Africa became a hunting free nature park.

The area covers a surface area about as large as the Netherlands! Besides the tens of thousands of unique plants and wildlife, the Kruger Park is also famous for its cultural heritage of rock art and archaeological finds, dating back to the Stone Age.

The entrance to the Kruger National Park is near your house. The largest South African animal reserve is home to a variety of animals. Discover the wonderful world of nature, and experience the unforgettable big five!
( Elephant, Rhino, Buffalo, Lion, and Leopard)